Boreal Forest

Boreal Forest- a long strip of coniferous trees that wrap north america, europe, and asia.

Threats- There is oil under most of the boreal forests. With instability in the middle east we might start drilling for oil in these locations. Maybe is we became more stable with the amount of oil we use we can damage less land by drilling less. We can charge more money for gasoline like in europe so people conserve their trips or carpool or take public transportation.

Flora-  Trees have needles to stay compact to keep the heat in. Trees also have cones as there reproductive system to protect the inside seeds from harsh environments. An example of these traits are Sitka Spruce, and European Larch

Climate- The Boreal forest has harsh long winters and short summers like the tundra. The average temperature for the year is -5*C to +5*C. Summers are cool and don't allow for much evaporation. precipitation can range from 20cm to 200cm from snowfall.

Fauna- Animals in this biome tend to have fur to protect themselves from the cold like in the tundra. They also don't have long extremities to keep the heat closer to their body. An example of this is the black bear, and red fox. They both have fur and short extremities.

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