Grassland- These lands are long amounts of grass, flowers, and herbs. A grassland is an area where there is enough precipitation to form grass. Many type of grasslands exist like the temperate, tropical, arctic, and a few more.

Flora- Plants have adapted to rejuvenate after a fire. Lots of grasses after afire grow back because of a complex roots system that keeps them alive. Prairie grasses also have smaller leaves to lose less  water from.  Buffalo grass with grow back after a fire. Big Bluestem grass has small leaves.

Climate- The average temperature for an American prairie is 20*F in January and 70*F in July. The annual precipitation is 10in to 30in.

Fauna- Animal in the grasslands are restricted to what food they eat. Animals like the bison have flat roof teeth to chew the grass. Other animals like the prairie dog dig underground to escape from predators.

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