Chapparral- Hot and dry location found closer to the coasts of some continents. The terrain is rocky and mountainous.

Climate- It is very hot and dry in these areas during the summer but mild during the winter. the temperature can range from 30*F to 100*F. The average precipitation is 10in to 17in a year.

Fauna- Animals that live here have developed stronger legs to cope with the rock terrain. Animals have also developed a tolerance for hot weather. Examples of this are the golden jackal, and the wild goat, who both have strong legs. Web - Kayla Pamintuan.jpg

 Flora- Plants that live in this biome have adapted to its environment. they stay low to the ground, and have small compact leaves that hold in moisture. Examples of these traits in action are coyote brush, which is low to the ground, and manzinita which is low to the ground and has small leaves.

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