Temperate Decidous Forest

Temperate Decidous Forest- A forest that are located in areas with moderate temperatures like in north America, Europe, Asia, and Australia that change with the seasons. There are long summers, cold winters and often precipitation.


Climate- This biome has four seasons. The average temperature is 70*F in the summer. Winters are cool with average temperatures just below 32*F. The average precipitation is 14in. to over 18in. in winter and summer.

Fauna- There are more 2nd and 3rd consumers so there are predators to eat them. Birds have wings to be able to fly and catch food. An example of these traits being used is in the American Bald eagle, who had wings to help catch prey, and the black bear who is a predator to other animals.


Flora- Plants have bigger leaves to collect sunlight for photosynthesis. Trees have long roots to collect water from the soil after it rains. Examples would be the white oak tree and the lime tree which both have long roots and bigger leaves for photosynthesis. 


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