Desert- Biome where evaporation is greater than precipitation. Deserts are usually formed on the opposite sides of mountains because of the rain-shadow effect.

Flora- Plants in the desert have waxy coated leaves to keep the water from evaporating. Some plants have shallow roots to collect water after it rains. Creosote bush has waxy leaves and Saguaro cacti have shallow roots.

Climate- There is usually less than 25cm of rain each year. During the day it could be extremely hot but at night it could be extremely cold.

Fauna- Most animals are small in the desert. Some animals may dig burrows to escape the heat like some snakes. Other animals may get water from dew or food they eat like many spiders.

Threats- Development is a growing threat to the desert biome. People have been moving to the desert ever since air-conditioning was invented. More land is being used for building houses than for native species. People can diversify where they live by living in other places instead of cramming into a desert like Las Vegas.

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