Tropical Rain Forest

Tropical Rain Forest- Forest very close to the equator. Soil is very nutrient depleted because of all the plants. Tall trees form a thick roof for the top of the forest that some organisms can walk on. The most precipitation falls here and it is the most diverse biome on land.

Fauna-  About half the worlds animals are in the rainforest. Species have become specialized like the toucan, who has a strong beak to break nuts. Other animals have defenses to protect themselves. The poison arrow frogs have poison.

Threats- Logging has posed a threat to the tropical rainforest. People are cutting down trees before allowing the to grow back. We can recycle more paper and use other materials in building houses or furniture. 

Climate- The weather is very hot and humid because of the amount of rainfall and it's proximity to the equator. The average temperature is about 77*F. The precipitation is over 150cm a year.

Flora- Trees in this biome have thicker bark to keep the water inside. Plants roots can also be quite long to keep the plant sturdy in the wet soil. The coconut tree has hard bark to keep the water in and the tualang has big roots to support the tree.

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