Savanna- A grassland with scattered plant-life. They are located on the edges of the tropical rainforests. The savanna has two distinct seasons, winter and summer.

Fauna- Animals in the savanna have adaptations like the long neck giraffe to reach its food.  Elephants have developed strong trunks to lift hings and to eat. All animals have developed a resistance to heat.

Climate- The savanna has very distinct seasons. the winters are very dry and the summers are very wet because of rain. The average temperature is between 68*F and 86*F. The average precipitation is 10in to 30in.

 Flora- Plants have developed a tolerance to extreme heat and dry soil. The baobab tree has deep roots that dig into the ground to collect as much water as it can. The umbrella thorn acacia lives in very dry rocky soil because it developed a tolerance to heat.

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